What is Quantum Biofeedback?

Quantum Biofeedback is a frequency tool that emits the pure messages and frequencies YOU need to balance the energy of your Body, Mind, and Biofield for the amplified manifestation of your goals, specific intentions, and overall well-being. 

Quantum Biofeedback Fundamentals

The foundation of Quantum Biofeedback is based on the truth that everything is in a natural state of vibration. We know that atoms are in constant motion and depending on their speed, they appear as a solid, liquid, or gas. This means that you definitely have a vibration–even your very thoughts and emotions. The culmination that is you makes up a positive subtle energetic “wellness signature” (your natural homeostasis).

The inspired technology behind Quantum Biofeedback measures this signature for potential areas of stress disturbance or reactivity and then transmits harmonizing frequencies (or correcting impulses) at nano-second speeds to the energy field to signal homeostasis and restore balance. It always works with your energy and adjusts to fit your energetic wellness signature. It taps into vast resources of information, measures incongruencies and seeks to balance those with harmonizing frequencies. While it’s supporting you on the subtle levels it also brings awareness to you, so you can make better choices that lead to a more fulfilled life.

Traditional Biofeedback and Energy Medicine
Quantum Biofeedback blends traditional biofeedback with readily accepted Energy Medicine principles. Energy medicine can be viewed as a very intentional application of therapeutic frequencies. While that can be facilitated by another person in the case of Reiki and Pranic healing (for example), it can also be directed by technology. 

Where traditional biofeedback monitors the body’s natural bodily functions; EEG, EKG, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), Quantum Biofeedback evokes a response from the body by assessing information input into the system and converting it to frequency.  

Examples of energy/frequency rich information that is used as input include: Full Name, Birthdate, Picture, and Voice.

Quantum Biofeedback Technology
Through complex algorithms, the technology identifies areas of reactivity and works to resolve it in the harmonizing process. Are you familiar with energy testing or muscle response testing? Imagine being able to perform 100-200 completely unbiased muscle tests in moments! Quantum Biofeedback scans for energetic disturbance in the characteristic patterns of every cell, organ, meridian, emotion, thought, etc., compares it to its vast database of frequencies and then intervenes with deliberate electromagnetic waveforms that stimulate the body’s innate healing. 

Magnify Your Intentions with the Language of the Universe
We are floating in a sea of frequencies and often influenced by them. This is called resonance, and it’s often unconscious. Frequency communication is constantly taking place in the body on all levels, as well. We can deliberately choose what we resonate with through entrainment and Quantum Biofeedback is an effective tool that does just that.   

Regular harmonizing with Quantum Biofeedback helps you to be more resilient to negative influences. It helps you to break through long-standing energetic stagnancy, too. When you become more coherent, everything works better! The technology that is inherent to quantum biofeedback and your focused intention work together to restore your energetic signature to its natural state of balance. 

Here’s a beautiful example of coherence being achieved through Quantum Biofeedback. We see the biofield/auric field in the ‘before image’ revealing restriction and energetic depletion. Expansion and congruency is evident after balancing.

Quantum Biofeedback is NOT
Quantum Biofeedback is not a diagnostic tool for a medical or psychological condition or disease. It excels in identifying disturbances in the energy field and transmitting or feeding back frequencies that clear that disturbance. Personal impact is always individual and can not be predicted or guaranteed. Many report that when energetic disturbances are harmonized, they feel calmer, experience better mental clarity, feel more rejuvenated and energized. All information provided is for educational purposes only.

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