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Welcome! Our vision at CelesteTerra is to help committed people, who are seeking to overcome negative subconscious patterns and energetic discord, to achieve inner Harmony and Balance by providing compassionate support and effective tools that Uplift and Empower.


Meet Laura

“Do you seek to be free of energetic overwhelm and subconscious patterns that hinder you from progressing on your path with greater ease? I’d love to share what has helped me to navigate my trials and come out the other side with more joy and sense of purpose. I know that peace is a process, that it is possible, AND that the right tools can make the critical difference. Thank you for choosing to do the challenging inner work that uplifts all of us. I’m here to help!” Love, Laura

Services We Offer

Nervous System Reset

A 1:1 session focused on energetically balancing the nervous system for greater resilience and restored harmony. Energetic overwhelm in the form of trauma, everyday stress, environmental disturbances, and more negatively impact the nervous system. The reset releases that energetic overwhelm and promotes a healthy foundation for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback is a frequency tool that emits the pure messages and frequencies you need to balance the energy of your Body, Mind, and Biofield. Magnify your intentions with the language of the universe for the amplified manifestation of your heart-centered goals. Break through resistance gently and efficiently with this behind-the-scenes technological support.

Awareness Energetics

Subconscious beliefs, emotional baggage, and other negative energies can bog down your energy field and hinder physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. In this 1:1 session, you release the roots of energetic discord that hinder heart coherence. Greater heart connection opens you up to Wholeness and Peace as a way of life. Experience the power of Aligning with your Heart Field!  


“I have a demanding and often stressful job, so I began working with Laura using Quantum Biofeedback to become more balanced. I have seen a marked change in how I respond to the stress. What I love most is getting the before and after Aura Scans—seeing the positive impact the frequencies have made. It has increased my mindfulness and awareness, and I find it easier to maintain a place of balance even in challenging circumstances. I can’t recommend Laura’s protocols enough!”

Lisa A.

“I was very blessed to have the opportunity to have Laura work on me. She is a loving and caring soul. She is precise in what she does. She connected with my hips (energy) blockage and since then I have more flexible movement and energy flow. Thank you, Laura, for sharing your gift. I would recommend Laura to friends and family.”

Sandra W. P.

“Laura has assisted me in overcoming physical and emotional discomfort caused by energetic blocks as well as emotional pain. Since I began sessions with Laura, I have become more aware of how I feel and recognize when I am energetically out of sync and take steps to correct the imbalances. I respond very well to Laura’s sensitive and caring approach and trust in her to assist me in my healing process on the deepest energetic levels.”

Linda F.

“After a session with Laura, I instantly feel re-awakened, transformed and full of hope. She helps you clear the emotional blocks that hinder you from living a full, happy life and gently leads you into a higher level of awareness. She is highly intuitive, kind and understanding and has helped me clear deep, negative emotions that have contributed to emotional and physical pain and suffering. When you start working with Laura, I promise you will never be the same.”

Jenna S.

“Since my session with Laura Williams, I have experienced Profound Change in the way it feels to be me and in how I respond to everyday life. I am very sensitive to energetic vibration, and I have never felt so physically present and calm as I do after Laura’s session. The upgrade Laura facilitated with my nervous system has truly allowed for the deeper integration of Self and expanded energetic intuitive capacity. What a Powerful Session! Thank you, Laura!”

Jeanie T.

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