About Laura

Laura Williams is a Quantum BioEnergist who uses her gifts and skills to positively impact lives around the world. She’s known for her ability to infuse profound peace into those who are guided to work with her. As a lifelong seeker of Truth, Laura has pursued knowledge and experiences that include mastery of a variety of techniques that acknowledges the body’s innate intelligence and honors the Divine. It is through these time-tested modalities that she helps you to restore natural rhythm and flow in your life.

Founder of CelesteTerra

As the founder of CelesteTerra, Laura continues to expand her awareness in order to serve, inspire and support others on their healing path by offering practical solutions to energetic imbalances for an evolving community of individuals (online and local). 

Laura combines enthusiasm for energetic healing and deep inner transformation for her greater family (you!), with her path as a wife (recently widowed) and mother to six children. She intimately understands the everyday challenges that you face in your desire to live heart-focused lives. Having overcome many overwhelming life challenges, she’s uniquely adept at directing your awareness to the core of your issue and bringing you to greater self-acceptance, peace, and harmony. 

Laura holds the following certifications and is proficient in many more modalities: 

~ Certified Intuitive Strategist of Integrative Soul Technology

~ AromaNetix Practitioner

~ Practitioner of Domancic Method of Bio-Energy Therapy

~ Reiki Practitioner

Laura is an insightful, nurturing practitioner who has dedicated her life to the service of others. She works with those who are committed to healing themselves and take responsibility for their own well-being. By expertly accelerating awareness and healing, you are guided to manifest your greater potential from a place of balance and alignment with Light.


Laura and Richard Williams with their six children and Laura’s parents Christmas 2019.

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