Nervous System Reset

Did you know that most people have some form of nervous system imbalance? And that the root issues of imbalance is often below the surface of the conscious mind? A healthy nervous system is essential for our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Energetic debris in the form of subconscious patterns, trapped emotions and absorbed negative energies can interfere with its functioning! Read more about the benefits of the Nervous System Reset and how it can help you release energetic overwhelm and experience greater peace.


An intuitively guided energy balancing session focused on identifying and releasing key energetic blocks and baggage from your nervous system so you can be restored to a state of greater harmony and coherence with Peace. Perfect for those looking to maintain wellbeing AND those with highly sensitive systems that need extra support.

  • 60 minute one-on-one session with Laura (via phone or Zoom)
  • Nervous System Balance Report PDF (an intuitive evaluation)
  • Nervous System Reset Session Prep PDF

The Nervous System Reset transforms unhealthy, chronic cycles of ‘flight or fight’ that have been taking you out of your Life and leaving you frazzled, on edge and pushed to your limits.

  • Release outdated energetic baggage that bogs you down, so you move forward!
  • Experience more Joy and relax into being ‘present’–that’s where the Power is!
  • Optimize your body’s ‘lines of communication’ for greater alignment with whole-body Harmony!

Single Session: $149
3 Sessions (6% discount): *$419
6 Sessions (16% discount): *$749

*Price reflects discount.

Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback is a frequency tool that emits the pure messages and frequencies you need to balance the energy of your Body, Mind, and Biofield. Break through resistance gently and efficiently with this behind-the-scenes technological support. It taps into vast resources of information, measures incongruent energy and seeks to balance those with harmonizing frequencies. While it’s supporting you on the subtle levels it also brings you  awareness, so you can make better choices that lead to a more fulfilled and vibrant life.


The Quantum Biofeedback Session is technologically-based and enhanced by Laura’s intuitive selection of beneficial frequencies. Through complex algorithms, the technology identifies areas of reactivity in your energetic signature/energy field and works to resolve it with specific frequencies in the harmonizing process. These frequency transmissions magnify your intentions and heart-centered goals!
Areas of focus you might choose include:

  • General Wellness Program
  • Emotional & Mental Harmony Program
  • Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation Program
  • Brain Optimized & Cognitive Enhancement Program
  • Inflammation Disturbance Reduction Program
  • Money Magnetizing Program
  • Pain Disturbance Harmonization Program
  • Peaceful Sleep Promotion Program
  • Stress Release & Deep Relaxation Program
  • Weight Loss & Supercharged Metabolism Program
  • Customized!

The sophisticated programming that is inherent to quantum biofeedback plus your focused intention work together to restore your energetic signature to its natural state of balance!


Can be experienced in a variety of ways (based on selected service):

  • 30 minutes of frequency transmission per session
  • Completely remote (NOT a phone or Zoom session) Or LIVE online!
  • As a single session
  • Package Options

Quantum Biofeedback:

  • Analyzes your energy field based on your unique energetic signature/imprint.
  • Compares your imprint with the database of thousands of energetic frequencies.
  • Highlights potential imbalances in the body and energy field and supports them with harmonizing frequencies.

You may also receive (depending on selected service):

  • Quantum Biofeedback Frequency Scan Reports
  • Before & After Aura Images
  • Video recording of Analyses and Selection process
  • Quanta Capsule Access for enhanced frequency replay and customization
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • BONUS! Monthly LIVE Group Energy Balancing Call featuring quantum biofeedback

Example Aura:



When you are in a state of coherence everything works better! Regular harmonizing with Quantum Biofeedback helps you:

  • Be more resilient to negative influences which reduces stress.
  • Break through long-standing energetic stagnancy for increased motivation.
  • Restore your energetic signature to its natural state of balance for greater mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. 

Single LIVE online Session: $49

8 Week Remote Package with Quanta Capsule Access: $199

8 Week Remote Package PLUS Upgrade (includes Video Recording of Analysis and Intuitive Frequency Selection): $299 

See Individual offer details by clicking the “Book Services” button below or selecting the “Shop” tab above. Thanks!


Awareness Energetics

Subconscious beliefs, emotional baggage, and other energies bog down your energy field and hinder physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and expansion. In this private session, you release the roots of energetic discord that hinder positive heart communication. Laura opens a space to ease release and you gain deeper awareness of subconscious insights that will assist you in letting go. Resulting heart coherence opens you up to wholeness and peace as a way of life. Experience the joy of aligning with your Heart Field!


The Awareness Energetics session is a 1:1 session with Laura. Its purpose is to bring you to a place of greater Light and awareness. You access the energetic roots (negative emotions, false beliefs, fragmented aspects and more) of your challenge and are guided to let them go with clarity and compassion. As your energy field becomes clearer and more peaceful, your perspective shifts and you open up to greater possibilities on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. During the session, attention is focused on increasing your coherence with the powerful field of your heart–where wholeness, clarity, and unity reside.


  • 60-minute one-on-one session with Laura (via phone or Zoom)
  • Flower Essence recommendation for continued support
  • Awareness Energetics Session Prep PDF

With greater ease and clarity achieved through the Awareness Energetics session, you open yourself up for more Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment in day-to-day life. 

Benefits may include:

  • Overcoming energetic slumps and stagnation, for confidence to achieve your goals! 
  • Improved relationships with yourself and with others.
  • Stronger boundaries and confidence as you shift ingrained patterns.
  • Releasing trauma energy for greater emotional and mental freedom.
  • Letting go of physical challenge energy for more efficient healing.
  • A greater sense of well being and contentment in your life.

Single Session: $149
3 Sessions (6% discount): *$419
6 Sessions (16% discount): *$749

*Price reflects discount.

What Clients are Saying

“Laura Williams is awesome! I had a Nervous System Reset session with her. The result is amazing! Living with 5 male (my husband, 3 sons and a cat), life had been a challenge for a highly sensitive person like me. I got agitated easily and felt tired all the time. During our session, we removed a few negative etheric cords and cleared a lot of emotional energies that caused the energetic imbalances. There were a few incidents happened this morning that normally would knock me off easily. I stayed calm, dealt with them without reacting. Everything worked out very well. Now I am in my kitchen drinking tea and feeling so grateful for being part of this family…”

Jessica W.

“I am ever so grateful to have had the experience and this calm and centeredness that still remains. I am so much better. I feel that I’ve maintained the level of peacefulness I acquired after our session. I’ve also not had the anxious feelings I get in my stomach area or in my body in general. It’s allowed me to grow through the current ‘happenings and challenges’ more gracefully AND as the ‘witness observer’ rather than a knee-jerk reactionary! I am more ‘present’. What a welcome difference!  I appreciate your gift and the service you have done for me. I am highly pleased. Thank you again!”

Alysia S.

Nervous System Reset:
“I recently did a session with Laura. All I can say is Wow! Going into the session, I was feeling overwhelm in trying to balance my daily life. The information I learned about the current state of my nervous system was helpful in understanding how I was holding energetic imbalances. The energy Laura identified went deep into my past and needed to be released. She helped me to not only understand the energies I was holding in my system but also to determine which personas were affecting the nervous system imbalances I had. By the end of the session, with doing the work to release the energies and integrate the personas, I was able to get my nervous system to be balanced to 98%! Laura is an amazing practitioner and I personally recommend her session to anyone who has felt overwhelmed or out of balance. Two thumbs up, Laura!”

Quantum Biofeedback:
“I have a demanding and often stressful job. In looking for a way to be more balanced at work, I began working with Laura using the Quantum Biofeedback Balancing protocol. I can honestly say I have seen a marked change in how I respond to the stress. Plus I like knowing that the balancing is happening while I am going about my day and I don’t have to try to find time to work it into my day. But what I love most is getting the before and after scans—seeing the results immediately of the balancing. It has increased my mindfulness and awareness of how my aura is helping me and I find it easier to maintain a place of balance even in challenging circumstances. I can’t recommend Laura’s protocol enough.” 

Lisa A.

“Thank you, Laura, for the Amazing Session! Wonderful Work! We’ve moved a lot of energy and cleared and release discordant things, as well. Your love for what you are doing, the compassion for others and your Kind, Generous, and Peaceful Nature not only touched my heart but Field, my Soul, and Spirit with so much Beauty, Love, Appreciation And so…Very deep Gratitude..!! Oh, what a Blessing to Know you! Working with you, Truly, It Is A JOY! Blessings to you Dear Heart! I love you!”

Erietta P.

“Since my session with Laura Williams, I have experienced Profound Change in the way it feels to be me and in how I respond to everyday life. I am very sensitive to energetic vibration and had gotten used to a certain level of energetic chaos as “normal” in my life. I have never felt so physically present and calm as I do after Laura’s session. The upgrade Laura facilitated with my nervous system has truly allowed for the deeper integration of Self and expanded energetic intuitive capacity. What a Powerful Session! Thank you, Laura!”

Jeanie T.

“This is a wonderful session and I just can’t say enough good things about it. Laura found some energetic imbalances that had been with me for many, many years which she was able to help me clear. Laura then energetically reset my nervous system.  At the end of the session she checked my nervous system balance and it was 97% and rising – up from 75%. Thank you so much Laura, I am very grateful and I feel so much better.”

Sharon Martin

“Laura Williams is one of the most genuinely loving and caring people that I have had the pleasure of working with. Her healing sessions are powerful and effective.

Before having my Nervous System Reset Session with Laura, I was experiencing a constant low level of overwhelm and anxiety within my body that made everyday life seem more stressful than it was. I also frequently experienced a feeling that I couldn’t cope with multiple demands on my energy or time and a sense of urgency to keep up with things all of the time. These feelings have been with me as long as I can remember and were affecting my ability to enjoy a greater sense of peace and joy in my life. 

I wasn’t surprised when Laura did an initial scan on my nervous system and it was only operating at 60% balance. It confirmed that my nervous system was in need of some healing and support.

The reset session was very powerful. I felt a lot of energy moving in my body and in my head and then, when the process was complete, I felt so calm and peaceful. At the end of the session, my nervous system was operating at 92% balance. But, what has been even more amazing is that my nervous system has been able to retain this greater sense of balance long after the session was over. I feel calmer within my body. The old sense of constant overwhelm and urgency is gone and has been replaced with a sense of resilience in the face of greater stress. I experience more joy in the day and I am feeling more present. It feels so lovely to have a greater sense of peace and relaxation in my body throughout my day. Several weeks after the session, Laura checked in and scanned my Nervous System and it was still operating at 90% balance even though I had been experiencing multiple events that week that would be considered stressful.

I feel blessed to have Laura in my life and to finally experience a level of healing that has truly changed my everyday experience of life. Laura is brilliant at what she does!”


Laura is honestly such a humble, giving and heartfelt Coach. She not only provides a service that is testament to her unique gifts, talents and abilities, she gives from her heart and it is undoubtedly felt. I highly recommend Laura not only for her service but for the immeasurable impact and transformation that she leaves on your heart, soul and life. Thank you Laura.

Melissa C.

I’ve had many sessions with Laura and every time she sets such a safe and loving space. We have gone very deeply into many of my issues, ranging from the physical and emotional to the much more spiritual. Laura allows your own energy to lead and is brilliant at honing in on where the issue is rooted. I have experienced many life changing shifts through my sessions with Laura. She is very gifted and knows what’s she’s doing. I always feel very safe to talk about anything I’m going through with Laura. I thoroughly recommend her. Thank you Laura, many blessings and much love to you.

Linda R.

“In my Nervous System Balance (NSB) session, Laura found and helped me integrate several blocks and hooks, remove a heart wall, and release an entity. I could feel the shifts as these integrations were happening. 

During the weeks before I got the NSB, I was working on opening a little-known minor energy center and got a chiropractic adjustment to support my work. During the NSB, Laura witnessed energy flowing to this specific area, and as it turned out, the NSB helped to adjust my nervous system for the work I was doing.

I was amazed at the clarity of her intuition, how expertly she knew what my blocks were and the areas of life they affected, and how to move through them. After the NSB, I felt calm and balanced, which are indications that she did her job well.

Laura is a confident and compassionate energy worker. I’m glad I booked a session with her.”

Lynne C.

I had many readings from Laura, all of them were spot on. They opened my awareness and my perspective of how I saw the issue has changed and mostly freed me.
I also had a “Nervous system reset session” with Laura, as a highly sensitive person it was a life changing for me, I started to sleep better and mainly operate better through my days. I was able to find peace.
Laura is highly intuitive and her ability to work with people’s energy is one of the best out there. If your sensitivity is making you ill, reach out to Laura, you will be pleased you did.

Somyah C.

“I had a nervous system reset session with Laura and it was amazing! What a difference after one session with her. She is sweet, gentle and powerful. Laura is generous with her time in putting together a report that summarizes the current state, where it is at after the session and what steps to follow through with after to deepen the reset.”

Anne L.

“I had no idea what to expect with the Nervous System Reset. The report I received before the reset was spot on. It resonated on so many different levels and working with Laura Williams was fabulous. Thank you, Laura, for such a great experience!”

Lakesha T.

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